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The shaving industry has slowly evolved over the years from razors, to manual razors and currently to the electric shavers. The modern day human being has become time-conscious and thus, in every activity being undertaken, one would prefer it done in the fastest way possible while still maintaining the quality. Therefore,these shavers have really rescued busy people while maintaining comfort and convenience, since a good shave is deemed to uphold elegance and preserve cleanliness.

The electric shavers works under the same principle with scissors rather than the normal blade cut. Unlike the cutting blade that cuts through the hair as it moves past it, the electric shavers shear the hair against a metal blade and therefore, each hair that passes through the latter is cut.

Electric shavers choice of preference falls under two major categories, however, there exist other features that the user can compare when purchasing this shaver. One criteria of choice for these shavers is the rotary and foil razors. Even though both perform and achieve quality similarly, there are differences on their principle of operation.

The foil shavers consist of curved blades that oscillate to and fro cutting hair like the scissors does between the blade and the mesh as the hair enters the holes in the mesh. This type of shavers are suitable for cutting hair even on large surfaces like the head. On the other hand, the rotary shavers has spinning blades and angled slots. The machine therefore grips hair like the scissors does and cuts it against the slot as the hair enters. The rotary shavers are suitable for curved surfaces like the chin. The choice between the two is greatly influenced by the user’s comfort and convenience of either of the two.

The electric shavers also fall under the category of wet and dry shavers. While most shavers are known to be accompanied by shaving gels and foams, there still exist dry-use electric shavers as well. However, a wet shave is highly recommended to reduce friction and minimize the chances of an injury. The various electric shavers that fall under this category are meant to improve comfort as well as closeness of a shave to attain a satisfying feeling When it comes to choosing the most suitable and excellent electric shavers for men, this is a critical step and of concern so as to achieve effective hygiene. Therefore, important factors to consider before purchase are the shaver’s performance in terms of the shave closeness, durability of the gadget, ease of cleaning and replacing blades, and above all, it is important to be cautious of imitations and fake shavers. At the end of the day, the shave is supposed to be efficient and highly appealing.

It is not easy to find out the best electric shaver, here are top 5  Electric Shavers

1.Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

Number One Electric ShaverSo you’re probably in search for the Best Electric Shaver that can give you the ultimate shaving experience? The series 7, the most innovative and premium shaver line designed by Braun, is probably the best electric shaver on the market. It boasts the Pulsonic technology with over 10,000 micro vibrations that will help you capture more hair with each stroke—ultimately bringing about a comfy shave.
Product Description
The Braun’s series 7 shaver consolidates the most innovative design as well as advanced technology. It encompasses the state-of-the-art shaving technology, and boasts three diverse personalization modes alongside a robust Linear Motion. Similarly, you’ll have the capacity to acknowledge its Clean & Renew system
that will help you clean, lubricate, charge, and dry your shaver—all at a simple touch of a button.
Product Features
1). Precision Long Hair Trimmer
The series 7 is particularly designed to trim the sideburns and beards. It does this with lots of ease and unsurpassed convenience.
2). OptiFoil
It comprises a foil with a unique design. It has an exceptional capacity of capturing more hair while cutting deeper than any other product on the contemporary market.
3). Intelligent Pulsonic Technology
The shaver can execute up to 10,000 micro-vibrations in a minute. It’s exceptionally designed to capture more hair and cut them in every single stroke.
4). Triple Action Cutting System
The series 7 boasts three special cutting elements that are seamlessly designed to shave both long and short hair with absolute ease and expediency. It does the job without a glitch; helping you save lots of time on the job.
5). Contour Adaptive Shaving Head.
It’s perfectly designed with a contour adaptive shaving head so it can fully adapt to the curved areas—such as under the chin and the jawline—which typically boast problems to barbers.
6). LED Display
Besides updating your charging, the series 7 can similarly update the battery as well your hygiene status.
7). One hundred percent waterproof and completely washable
This shaver comprises an entirely sealed body that can be easily (and conveniently) rinsed quickly, especially under running water.
Pros (what I really like about this exceptional shaver)
It feels comfortable to hold, thanks to its easy grip even if the hands are too wet. Provides a dry shave while delivering the most appealing job on any sort of shaving style. It boasts an auto cleaning mechanism which cleans the razor to give it a decent and a lemon-fresh feel
That’s why I really like this product because there’s no time to waste in cleaning. It utilizes a Li-lon battery without a memory effect. It’s similarly easy to recharge the battery when it gets exhausted. Another bonus (of course which I like) is that the shaver has a very low self-discharge rate, and Li-lon batteries are the most long-lasting batteries available in the market today.
Another aspect that I really love about this product is that it includes the following in the box:
– A protective travel pouch
– A cleaning brush
– A smart Plug with 100-240V
– A Clean & Renew system that minimizes my cleaning task
– Series 7- 790cc shaver
It doesn’t deliver a wet shave
In a nutshell; this shaver is flawlessly engineered to execute an ultimate grooming experience. Also, Braun really shines when it comes to maneuverability. It can easily maneuver each and every section of your head to bring about a decent grooming. For those who’d like to achieve a decent grooming experience, this is
definitely the most perfect shaver to buy. Grab yours now (from Amazon) and have a pretty and hassles-free grooming experience!

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2.Philips Norelco S9721/87, Shaver 9700

High quality Electric ShaverThe Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver is one of 9700 shaver series and also among the most recent and advanced shavers. Itis designed with unique features making it outstand among other kinds of electric shavers.
Features of S9721/87, 9700 series Shaver.
V-Track Precision Blades
It has V-Track Precision Blades which is the new improvement of the electric shave which enables it to collect all the hair in the shaving area. This increases comfort while shaving. Also, these blades self-sharpen so to ensure a perfect daily shave.
The Contour Detect Technology
The unique Contour Detect Technology. Also, it has three shaving heads with each shaving head moving independently in eight directions to conform to varying facial curves, with this unique design it cuts 20% of hair only in a single pass.
Digital Display
Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver features include a digital user interface with an inbuilt motion sensor. The digital interface enables you to be in control the parfomance of your shaver due to the display of low battery indicator, percentage level of the battery, cleaning indicator, travel lock indicator and a replacement head indicator. This facilitates effective maintenance.
The Personal Comfort Settings
In addition to the state of the art features of Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver, it is designed with three personalized comfort settings. This enables you to regulate the speed and choose the speed that suits the type of your skin and hair type.
The SmartClean PRO System
The Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver has SmartClean PRO, which keeps your shaver like new every day. It is made with an advanced multi-display indicator that tracks the shavers’ progress the SmartClean cycle. This system composes of alcohol-free, skin- friendly formula, gel and foam that cleans the hair. Moreover, the system lubricates the blades of the shaver thus reducing friction that in turn prolong the durability of the shaver.
Choose the Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shaver, 9700 series for perfect, uniform and comfortable shaving.

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3.Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head and Automatic Cleaning System for Men

Electric Shaver

The new Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc is the new toy that will help you to have that morning shave at the comfort of your own home. This wonderful product has been made by Panasonic Company, which is one of the most reliable companies that deals in making home appliances in the world. It has very unique features that are very useful to the user.
It uses electricity hence no hustle and worry of it running out of charge due to low energy in the batteries. It is also able to sustain electric energy for more than an hour, allowing up to 45 minutes of continuous usage before going off.
The electric shaver works both in wet and dry circumstances even though it uses electricity, there is no fear of being electrocuted .To have that smooth chin, this new toy from Panasonic has a four blade cutting system. It is guaranteed to give you a very smooth shave. The gadget also has a pop up trimmer. This new electric shaver has a wonderful sonic vibration cleaning system that together with the detergent cartridge help to keep you away from germs and infections during shaving. The four Nano blades are placed at 30 degrees angle in order to achieve maximum hair removal. It has an LCD display that shows the level of power.The multi flex pivoting head makes it possible for one to shave comfortably.Its motor driving system is one of the best, it has a motor system of 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive System.In order to prevent the unit from going down, the device has a lock button. This stylish device also has a multi fit arc foil and an outer ultra-thin foil.It is one of the electric shavers in the market that has a very cool design and looks very appealing to the eye.

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4.Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head and Automatic Cleaning System for Men

Electric ShaverThe Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaverfor Men is an excellent electric shaver for multiple reasons.
1). it is includes a 5 Blade ultra System with 30 Degree “Nano Blades”. This provides great experience.
2). it has a 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive, which includes a trimmer that pops up.
3). there is a 10 – stage readout Charging System included.
4). there is an amazing new cleaning mode for quick clean-up.
You can use the razor either wet or dry. It is water proof and comes with a handy travel pouch. It also is powered by an AC adapter. It is a very highly enjoyed product and ranks well on global e-commerce sites on one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world.It is important to note that it is a foil shaver. If you are looking for a shaver and you are happy with a rotary shaver this is not the one for you. However if you are looking for a foil shaver this is an excellent choice.
It is also rare to find a shaver that is wet and dry. This shaver provides that for you which in addition to the previously mentioned attributes that is a rare fine. It is also a relatively quiet shaver which can be advantageous if you like to shave while your partner is asleep.
Finally it is quite a quick shave, in case you are someone who shaves in the morning. It feels gentle and there is less irritation then with previous shavers. Some users claim that the shaver reduces their shaving time by Overall this is a great purchase for anyone who is serious about shaving!

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5.Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 (Model 1280X/42)

Electric Shaver onlinePhilips Norelco shaver 8900 model number 1280x/42 provides an ultimate shaving experience. The ultra track system as well as the gyro flex three dimensional made the shaver very unique thus offering high quality hair shaving. This is the most advanced shaver that is currently available in the market.
Philips Norelco shaver boasts various classical features.
The Norelco shaver name and the product packaging have recently been updated for a smooth user shopping experience. The new name of this specific shaver is the Sensotouch 3d 1280xcc. The gyro flex 3d system is an amazing feature which makes it possible to follow every contour on the face and shave even the very small in size hair as it adjusts to every curve present. This helps in minimizing the irritation and pressure. This system mainly consist of three parts which tilt inward, outward as well as pivot around.
The cut action and the patented super lift provides comfortable hair cut as the ultra track heads grab every single hair with a minimal number of strokes being applied. This features offers a great sensational cut which is very smooth. The famous aquatec seal will provide either a dry shave or a wet shave which has a great sense of refreshment. The wet shave feature allows the application of foam or even gel for maximum skin protection. The moustache can be shaved effectively through the use of a pop out precision trimmer. The shaver also provides a smooth shave with a minimized low skin glide friction which takes great care to the skin preventing any damages and after shave irritation from occurring. The Philips Norelco shaver 8900 has a nice grip handle feature. This has a great impact on the user as one is able to have a close control while shaving. This shaver precision trimmer is very skin friendly. The Norelco shaver is lubricated and charged by the jet clean as well as the system cleans. The shaver has a charging time of one hour, is cordless, has a maximum shaving duration of twenty days and has a batter indicator. This is the very best shaver for you to purchase today.

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Here Are Some Useful Features Compared To One Another

Braun Series 7 ShaverPhilips Norelco shaverPanasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric ShaverPanasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver Philips Norelco Shaver 8900
Braun Pulsonic ShaverPhilips Norelco ShaverPanasonic Arc4 ShaverPanasonic Arc5 ElectricPhilips Shaver 8900
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The Reason Why You Should Use Electric Shaver

Awesome features and innovative designs are now frequent characteristics of electric shavers. This is why most men prefer them to groom body and facial hairs. For men with sensitive skin or any other interconnected conditions like acne, electric shavers prove to be more efficient. This is also beneficial to men with minimal time for every day grooming or with busy schedules. Men rely on electric shavers wherever and whenever they require a quick touch up. Below are some reasons why you should use an electric shaver.

1.You will experience minimal injuries.

Compared to other shaving methods, an electric shaver is unlikely to cause injuries. Many times, individuals cut themselves while using a conventional razor. The blade also tends to pull away hair follicles rather than trimming them. This results to skin bumps, grazes and cuts. There is also the likelihood of acquiring an infection on the skin
It is less likely to be messy.

Using a manual razor can prove to be somewhat messy. Soap suds, creams and hairs will fly all over. This makes the shaving area untidy and you will need to clean afterwards. Usually, you will put a piece of clothing and secure a napkin round your neck. Messy situations like these will not occur when you use an electric shaver.

2.It is highly versatile.

Electric shavers come in all kinds of designs, shapes and sizes hence making them very flexible. The cutting blades can shave any form of hair without becoming blunt. Additionally, you do not require immersing the shaver inside water or tapping it to eliminate excess hair. It is also perfect for shaving facial hairs,
sideburns, beards, moustache etc.

3.There are no additional costs involved

When you use a conventional razor, you will need to invest in razors, gels, soaps and shaving creams. This ill become a recurring cost as long as you continue to shave. Even though you might decide to use the extra accessories, the outcome and experience will not be very good. Such costs do not apply when you use an electric shaver.

4.It is of good quality.

Among the key reasons that trigger individuals to use electric shavers is the desire to acquire a smooth finish. This blade cuts against hair follicles. This ensures hair is cut starting from a low angle. Plus, it also cuts through a single sweep therefore you do not require to shave the same region again.

5.It is has a high speed

Electric trimmers and shavers are fairly fast. They comprise of a high-speed acting motor that trims even the most concealed follicles. Compared to the traditional razor, you do not need to setup the region. You can just bend over your sink and begin shaving. This makes sure that you save time more so when you are running late.

6.It is very convenient.

An electric shaver is somewhat convenient. All you require is just to plug it to a source of power and start shaving. In reality, you do need to apply soap, gels, shaving cream or even water. Additionally, you use minimal effort to control your motion. Majority of persons can manage to shave essentially anywhere; on the road, in their car and other dodgy places.

 How to choose an electric shaver

This is not the age of blades with holders, not even manual shaving. Electric shavers, whether foil and rotatory have a great number of advantages over the traditional blade razors, not to mention the comfort. While talking about the electric shavers, products from Philips, Remington, Braun and Panasonic have a great reputation for their quality, performance and value for money. But the question How to choose the best electric shaver always arises. Well, there are some prime aspects to consider before buying your first electric shaver like type, price comfort, maintenance etc. Let’s see them in detail.

1.Type of Razor

Today’s electric shavers come in two styles – Foil and Rotary. A foil shaver is made up curved metal foil with a set of holes to arrange the hair which is cut by a set of vibrating blades underneath. On the other hand, a rotary model has three sometimes four round heads depending upon the model where blades spin under the heads to cut the hair.
But which of the two is better for you? Well, let’s see it too.
Precision or Closer Shave
When it comes to arguments about which shaver gives closer shave, many prefer foil and of course it’s true. The rectangular curved foils take advantage over the rotary blades when it comes to a closer shave. But it depends on the shaver model, how better the blades are positioned and sometimes your face too.

2.Speed of Shave

Speed is the next key factor to consider while buying an electric shaver because time matters. The fastest speed of any shaver is so far 14,000 cycles per second and is achieved by Braun and Panasonic foil shavers. So, when speed is a factor for you, foil shavers are the best to go for. By the way, are you going after a Guinness World Record by shaving faster?


Of course, you consider price of shaver, don’t you? Rotary electric shavers are cheaper compared to the foil type, you can get a basic Philips Norleco model for as low as $35. However, the price goes up with high end models like Senso Touch. And the basic foil shavers from Panasonic and Braun are available at $50-$60 range. So, that’s just a slight variation, but if you prefer high end models you could see a greater competition in price especially with Braun and Philips.


It is said that cleaning a foil shaver is just a piece of cake because popping of the head and cleaning it Of its water proofl is almost effortless. Yes, its absolutely true but its also the same with rotary heads. Take for example Philips Aqua Touch, you can pop their heads and clean them under running water as quick as a foil shaver. That’s just one side, on the other we have automatic cleaning systems for both rotary and foil electric shavers.

5.Skin and Hair Type

Last but not the least, your skin type and he amount of hair on your face also comes into play. If you have a sensitive skin, go for a Panasonic wet/dry foil shaver because they cut the hair with less pull and irritation Whereas rotary shavers are the best for those with tough growth and more beard density. Conclusion
Now choosing the best electric shaver is up to you because you are the buyer and end user. All the above mentioned factors clearly indicate that whether it is a foil or rotary shaver, it depends upon the comfort of a buyer. If price is not a barrier, I’d suggest you to go for a foil shaver else go for a rotary.